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About Sale: For The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Harrods is the leader when it comes to shopping experience and customer service. In fact, it can be rightly compared to iconic symbols in London such as the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Parliament and Houses of Parliament. And now you can make more savings when shopping on their online store thanks to the occasional Harrods sale offers. Harrods is renowned to offer some of the best but rare promotional sale for their products which help you retain more cash in your pocket.

What is Harrods?

Located at Knightsbridge (one of London’s international retail centres), Harrods is often associated with UK Capital’s luxury and is one of the most popular department stores in the world. Its historic facade is probably one of the first things that the thousands of shoppers who come here every year see. Harrods is Europe’s largest department store.

The superstore has witnessed tremendous growth since it was established in 1924 by Charles Henry Harrod. Today, it encompasses over 330 separate departments across a five acre piece of land. Shoppers can find some the world’s best known brands and an A-list clientele. But that’s not all! Harrods also offers convenient banking as well as real estate services.

The famous food hall is also found here and offers you a life-time opportunity to taste local produce and different food from different parts of the world. The produce is prepared by some of the most skilled and chefs around and is popular among both shoppers and tourists.

There’s also Harrods ‘By Appointment’ service which can help make your shopping experience hassle free. You will have personal shoppers find you goods that not only fit your budget, but also lifestyle among others. There are other services as well, some of which include:

• Watch repairs

• Gift boxes

• Hampers

• Fragrances

• Food delivery

• Wine

• Tailoring services

• Events planning

You can enjoy numerous benefits when you order from the official Harrods online store. These include a range of products, excellent customer service and efficient door-to-door delivery.

Harrods Products & Brands

You can choose from a range of beauty products & luxury goods available at Harrods online store. The store offers products for men and women alike including clothes, shoes, gifts and accessories for a range of occasions. There are also fine wines and gourmet food among others which can be delivered right at your doorstep, in turn saving you time and hassle.

Harrods Sale & Offers

When you discover sale event when shopping through Harrods official website, you can save more money which you can in turn use to buy even more goods.

How to Shop on Harrods Website

Shopping online at the superstore is pretty straightforward. There are useful navigation menus and tools available to help you check out different product categories and even find featured or new products. If you’re in a hurry, the search feature can be the best option. It helps you find the product you’re looking for within a matter of seconds.

You can even use catalogue numbers! Simply type these in the search box and find the item you want. There’s also the Fashion Editor which contains information about the latest trends and tips to improve your wardrobe.

After identifying your product, proceed with the checkout process by following the instructions on-screen and then complete the purchase. An order confirmation message will be sent to the email address you provided.

One good thing with getting your goods from Harrods website is that you don’t necessarily have to create an account to successfully purchase. There’s a Guest Checkout option which lets you place your order quickly and have the goods delivered to you in a short time period.

What Shipping & Delivery Options That Are Available?

Harrods offers its customers several delivery options to choose from. It delivers to any destination in the UK using standard delivery that can take anywhere between 3 and 5 days. This will cost you 5.95. If you place an order before 1PM between Monday and Friday, you will be charged 12.00 for next day delivery. Sometimes the store offers free standard delivery, so you may want to keep a close eye on this.

Apart from availing a range of products for customers, Harrods offer several discounts such as flash sales. You can purchase your favourite goods at lower than normal prices, and therefore save more.